We are here to make your web experience easier. Our toolbar is designed to let you access your favorite content quickly.
COUPONS-BAR does not serve pop-ups ad so you can enjoy uninterrupted browsing.
COUPONS-BAR may track Search Terms you enter to suggest related web sites but will only keep the records
for a maximum of 2 hours before the log files are rotated and previous results are deleted.
This is done to help us supply you with the information that is suited to you.
Ads served by COUPONS-BAR will always show the COUPONS-BAR brand and the question marks on the ads will be clickable.
You don’t have to worry about COUPONS-BAR software being a Spyware or Malware and it will not hurt any PC.
We care about your privacy and because of that, COUPONS-BAR software does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
COUPONS-BAR download has no silent or forced installs so you get only what you have asked for.
And just to set your mind at ease, COUPONS-BAR has a Settings Menu where users can disable any feature or disable the whole product from the Browser extensions menus in Firefox and Chrome and from a clickable button on the Internet Explorer browser.
The product can be removed completely from Add/Remove programs in Internet Explorer.
We hope you will enjoy our product and have a positive experience.